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Do I need a checklist if I’m planning a simple wedding?

Will the checklist help me if I’m having a destination wedding?

How will we know when to do things like send our invitations?

Do we still need a wedding planner?

Wait, how is Zola’s wedding checklist free?

It’s always a good idea to make sure you’ve thought of every detail. Our checklist lets you choose between a little guidance or a lot, depending on your needs.

Yes! We know that a weekend away and a local affair are two very different kinds of events. So your personalized to-do list will reflect that.

No problem. You can edit any of your wedding details whenever you want and we’ll update your checklist accordingly.

We set deadlines for all your tasks to help you stay on schedule. Our app’s push notifications will remind you when anything is due, too.

It almost seems too good to be true, right? Here’s the deal: We make money by selling wedding gifts and stationery through our store. Don’t want to register at Zola or use our wedding paper? Our checklist is still 100% free to use.

What if my wedding details change?

That’s totally up to you. We’re here to help you two and your guests in any way we can. The only thing we can’t do? Be there on the big day, coordinating everyone from your photographer and caterer to your bridal party. But we’ll be there in spirit!

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We’ll build you a custom roadmap with deadlines based on your wedding date, cultural or religious traditions you’re incorporating, and more. You can add, edit, or delete tasks whenever, too.

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With our five star app, you can access and update your checklist anytime. Plus, we’ll send you push notifications when tasks are due.

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